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WA8CS 01  


PWB Anchor Here-Alloy 800 Chain Slings for a Flexible Foolproof Lifting System
The Here-Alloy 800 range of Chain Slings is manufactured from the best quality, premium grade, high tensile alloy chain and fittings. This totally flexible sling system allows for quick and easy assembly in any lifting situation. Choose from PWB Anchor's large range of standard factory sling assemblies, or specify your requirements for a custom made sling to suit your exact requirements.

1. The sling angle is the greatest angle of the leg to the vertical
2. The ratings nominated above for the 3 and 4 leg assemblies do not comply with the requirements of Australian Standard AS3775 Grade T Chain Slings
3. The 3 and 4 leg sling ratings apply only when each leg carries no more than one third of the load
4 .When the weight distribution of each leg of a 3 or 4 leg assembly is unknown, the sling must be rated as a 2 leg assembly
5. The working load must never be exceeded, even at sling angles of less than 30° or when the load is flexible
6. The use, care and maintenance of slings should only be carried out by experienced operators
7.The above ratings apply only to general conditions of use